Monday, May 04, 2020

Free Outer Space Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Free outer space reading comprehension worksheets and activities for kids in Kindergarten up to middle school grades. 

When people ask me questions about hyperlexia, one of the most common themes is comprehension. Specifically, asking for ideas on how to improve a hyperlexic child's level of comprehension and understanding.

Well, one thing you can do is practice using high interest passages. Lester (1997) found that, "high interest strongly aided the comprehension for the hyperlexia participants."

So if you want to use reading comprehension worksheets with your hyperlexic kids (okay, any child really), it's best to use something that will be highly appealing to them specifically. Since one of the most common special interests of hyperlexic kids is all things outer space, it's a great starting point for these kids. That's why I decided to put together this list of find 15+ free outer space reading comprehension worksheets for kids.

They're perfect to use during this period of distance learning and home educating.

Free printable worksheets on reading comprehension about outer space

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Passages that are Outer Space Themed

Learn about the solar system, the planets, and being an astronaut with this list of free outer space reading comprehension worksheets and passages. Most of these are non-fiction, but there are a couple of fiction ones on this list as well. You'll find a variety of levels and grades, ranging from early readers and kindergarten up to middle grade levels.

You will need an account on Teachers Pay Teachers in order to access most of these. Don't worry, it's free to join!

1. Solar System Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension from Denise Hill on TPT

2. Astronaut Reading Passage from Faith Love Lipstick on TPT

3. Solar System Reading Comprehension: Mars, Neptune, & Uranus from The Happy Learning Den on TPT

4. Solar System Reading Passage: Pluto from Nothing but Non-Fiction on TPT

5. 2 Fictional Space Reading Comprehension Passages from Laughroom Literacy on TPT

6. The Solar System Information Texts for Grades 4-7 from JBirdEdu on TPT

7. Solar System Reading Comprehension Passage from Reading Tree 123 on TPT

8. Solar System Pack with Sun Reading Comprehension Passage from Little School on the Range on TPT

9. What is the Solar System? 1st Grade Reading Comprehension from ReadWorks on TPT

10. Solar System Passage and Text Dependent Questions from Samantha Daughtry on TPT

11. Solar System for Second Grade from Kuwaiti Princess on TPT

12. Baby Bear's Space Journey Reading Passage for Kindergarten from Great Schools

13. What is it Like in Space? Quick Reading Comprehension Activity from Appleseed Education on TPT

14. Cloze Reading Space Theme Pack from Resource Rose on TPT

15. NASA & Space Exploration Reading Comprehension from Soft Schools

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