Thursday, April 30, 2020

Free Outer Space Themed Therapy at Home Activity Guide

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Free outer space themed therapy at home activity guide for parents and therapists.

Did you know that, besides letters, hyperlexic kids love planets and outer space? It's just one of many intense fascinations or special interests that they often have.

That's why I put together this free outer space themed therapy at home activity guide. I'm always a big proponent of following your child and using their interests.

This guide is jam packed with sensory diet activities, speech therapy ideas, and so much more!

Outer space themed activities for kids that can be done as therapy at home

Outer Space Themed Therapy at Home Activity Guide for Kids

This activity guide is meant to help you do therapy at home by incorporating sensory diet activities into your child's day and working on fine motor, emotional, social, and speech/language skills.

It is not meant to replace traditional therapy.

It is more of a lesson plan of sorts for parents to use at home and for therapists to share with the families they serve, especially during this period of distance and remote learning.

All of the printables included in this guide are free to print.

I've also included a free PDF version of this activity guide (download at the bottom of the post), complete with clickable links, so that you can save it to your phone, share it with your clients, or whatnot. The format is based on my free Weekly Autism Planner printable. Here's what activities are included:

Vestibular & Proprioceptive Sensory Activities
Tactile Sensory Activities
Visual Sensory Activities
Oral Motor Activities
Auditory Sensory Activities
Emotions & Self Regulation Activities
Fine Motor Activities & Crafts
Speech & Language Activities
Social Skills Activities
Bonus Ideas
While not free, this Personal Space Social Skills Pack would be a great compliment to this space themed therapy at home activity guide.

Free outer space themed therapy at home activity guide for parents and therapists

Download the Free Therapy at Home Activity Guide PDF

This four page printable is a one-stop shop of all of the 30+ activity ideas from above, spanning the 10 different target skills/areas. There's more than enough activity ideas to last you an entire week.

To get your copy, simply click the link below: