Friday, July 31, 2020

Free Printable Scripts to Help with Making Connections in Reading

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These free printable scripts cards help autistic and hyperlexic kids with making connections in reading.

When I was doing research on the making connections reading strategy, I came across lots of free printable resources that did either one of two things. One, these listed a bunch of question prompts (specifically WH questions) to ask when reading. Two, they just had a definition of the three main types of connections with no concrete examples.

Now, if you have a hyperlexic kid, then you know that WH questions are hard for them. And giving them a vague idea and definition of something, without providing clear-cut examples, isn't going to be helpful either. It just doesn't play to a hyperlexic child's strengths.

However, me being me, I made something to help that does play to a hyperlexic child's strengths when making connections in reading.

The free speech scripts provided here are designed to help with the first issue I saw with other making connections printables: the use of question prompts.

With hyperlexic kids, it's better to rephrase the questions into fill-in-the-blank or cloze style sentences instead of using WH questions. So that's why these cards don't contain any questions. Instead, the kids can simply read a sentence and fill in the blanks to verbalize what they are thinking. They might still need help with making those connections while reading, but at least they'll have the language to describe them when they do.

Free scripts cards to help kids with making connections in reading

About these Free Making Connections in Reading Cards

These speech scripts cards use the same format as the other social scripts. They're small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or in a pocket so they can be taken on the go, put in your child's school desk, and/or used discretely (if that's what your child would prefer).

Their main purpose is to give autistic and hyperlexic kids the prompts they need to communicate any connections they make while reading.

Download the Free Making Connections in Reading Scripts

This printable is three pages long. Blank cards have been included as well so that you can write down and customize your own scripts.

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

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Free printable scripts cards to help kids with making connections in reading