Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Where's the Support for Hyperlexic Adults?

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There's not a lot of information about hyperlexia in adults so where can adult hyperlexics find support? Here are some resources to check out.

Like a lot of things in the autism community, there's a lot of information, resources, services, and support geared towards children, but practically nothing in place for the adults they eventually become. 

So I wasn't surprised to receive an email one day asking me where a hyperlexic adult could find support and resources. 

Thankfully, I have been curating a list in my mind over the past couple of years so I was able to quickly put together a list that she was rather excited about. It also helps that more and more hyperlexic adults are starting to talk about their experiences on social media and I've been taking notice, saving their posts so I can easily find them.

But I'm sure there are other hyperlexic adults out there who might be in the same situation, wondering where the resources and support for them are.

While this list isn't perfect by any means, it's a start. It will help you find others like you. Or, for the parents of hyperlexic children who are reading this, you'll be able to get the first-hand insight into hyperlexia in adults that I simply won't be able to offer you.

So here is a list of resources that might be helpful for you!

Hyperlexia in adults: where's their support?

Hyperlexia in Adults: People & Blogs to Follow

This list isn't exhaustive, but it is a great starting point. I also highly recommend following the hastag #hyperlexia on Instagram as that is how I found a lot of these accounts and resources. 

1. Neurodivergent Rebel 
2. hvppyhands 
3. Yo Samdy Sam
4. Morénike Giwa Onaiwu
5. Autistic Sparkles

Support Groups for Hyperlexic Adults

While these groups aren't hyperlexia specific, they do have lots of hyperlexic adults in them. They're some of my favorite support groups to be in, simply to read, listen, and learn.

3. Hyperlexia + Autism Support Group - This group is run by me. I know there are quite a few hyperlexic adults in it, just probably not to the scale of the other two groups.

Other Resources You'll Love

Hyperlexia in adults: where's the support for hyperlexic adults?