Tuesday, July 21, 2020

25+ Awesome Space Sensory Bins for Kids

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Looking for space sensory bin ideas? Try these fun outer space sensory bins with your toddlers and preschoolers!

Space is a common fascination for hyperlexic kids, even as a toddler or preschooler. They'll learn facts about all the planets, read all the books they can about the solar system, and rattle off all the names of the moons of the different planets (among many other things).

My hyperlexic son, for instance, has gone through periods of intense interest in outer space, off and on since he was about two. There's just something about space that appeals to hyperlexic kids!

So if your kid loves all things outer space related, then they'll love these space sensory bins. They're a great way to use your child's interest to introduce them to new textures and experiences. And some even incorporate other hyperlexic interests, such as letters.

Outer space sensory bins for kids

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Space Sensory Bins the Kids Will Love!

Using a wide range of materials from rice and beans to water and moon sand, you'll find tons of great outer space sensory bin ideas below to try with your kids.

These ideas are great for a preschool unit on space or for those kids who are extremely passionate about all things outer space, which is the case for many hyperlexic children - see intense fascinations of hyperlexic children).

And there are a few space sensory activities on this list that even incorporate letters to really appeal to those hyperlexic learners! I've marked them as such in their descriptions.

Ready to dig in? There's over 25 fun space themed ideas to try!

1. Outer Space Small World Sensory Table (pictured below) - While I didn't make this in a bin per se, I actually highly recommend doing it in a clear bin to make clean up so much easier! Regardless, this sensory activity was incredibly immersive and lots of fun.

Space small world sensory table activity

2. Space Themed Sensory Play with Space Painted Rocks from Learning and Exploring Through Play (pictured) - This bin uses colored salt as the base. I especially love the painted rocks in this sensory bin, especially since the painting is accompanied by written words, which is perfect for hyperlexic learners.

3. Coffee Beans Space Sensory Bin from I Heart Crafty Things (pictured) - I love the combination of materials in this bin. And I bet the coffee beans are fun to play with!

4. Night Sky Sensory Bin from Preschool Inspirations - This bin is made using dyed pasta and rice and looks so pretty!

5. Glowing Galaxy Water Bin from Fun-A-Day! - The addition of glow sticks to this sensory bin are fun. It reminds me of the glow stick baths we used to do when my boys were younger.

6. Space Water Bead Sensory Bin from 3 Dinosaurs - I really like the black water beads as the base for this activity. It makes the bin kind of eerie.

7. Space Sensory Bin with Aquarium Gravel from Little Bins for Little Hands - Aquarium gravel is a bit of an underused and under rated sensory bin filler. Definitely give it a try if you want something a bit different.

8. Space Themed Sensory Bin with Dyed Chickpeas from Rainy Day Mum (pictured) - If you're familiar with my blog, then you already know I'm a huge fan of dyed chickpeas. So, of course, I like the look of this sensory bin.

9. Night Sky Sensory Bin for Language Skills from Life Over C's - There's a lot going on in this sensory bin and it might be better suited for older kids as it uses lots of tiny pieces. It uses dyed rice as the base.

10. Spell A Star Sensory Bin from Adventures of Adam on My Mundane & Miraculous Life - If you have a hyperlexic learner, then they'll love the alphabet stars in this bin. You can use them to practice spelling different words.

11. Solar System Bin with Painted Rocks & Dyed Rice from Parenting from the Heart Blog - You can start this activity off with a craft by painting rocks with your child. Then once they're all dry, toss them into a sensory bin with dyed rice.

12. Space Sensory Bin from Sugar, Spice, & Glitter - I like the additional of tinfoil stars in this bin, especially because they contrast so well with the gold and black beans.

13. Galaxy Sensory Bin from Best Toys 4 Toddlers - Another sensory bin with black beans as the base. I like the use of glow in the dark stars and planets.

14. DIY Glittery Space "Rocks" Sensory Bin from Life Over C's - If you want a slightly different base for your space themed sensory bins, then try this idea. You can make your own glittery space "rocks."

15. Space Sensory Bin with Painted Rock Solar System from Capturing Parenthood - Another rock painting craft and sensory bin to try. I love the adorable peg doll astronaut and aliens that are part of this bin.

16. Erupting Moon Dust Sensory Tray from Learn Play Imagine - This activity would be a lot of fun, especially if your kids enjoy a good old fashioned baking soda and vinegar experiment.

17. Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Sensory Play from Playground Park Bench - Another sensory bin with water beads as the base. This one uses black and purple water beads.

18. Moon Walking Sensory Bin with Kinetic Sand from 3 Dinosaurs - I like the simplicity of this one. Just some kinetic sand, space figures, and black rocks.

19. U is for Universe Sensory Bin from Growing Hands-On Kids - Another space sensory bin with black beans. I really like how it's set up in a small storage bin that has a lid. Makes it perfect for packing away for another day of play.

20. Solar System Sensory & Imagination Bin from 1+1+1=1 - This bin uses a lot of different materials from pom poms and marbles to unifix cubes and pipe cleaners.

21. Galaxy Themed Sensory Bin with Dyed Rice from S&S Blog - The pictures of the glow in the dark materials in action are so cool! How could the kids not enjoy it?!

22. DIY Space Sensory Bin with Black Beans from Learning Resources Blog - I love the colored rockets in this sensory bin! That means there is some color learning happening with this bin too.

23. Moon Sand Outer Space Sensory Bin from Little Bins for Little Hands - Want something a bit different for your sensory base? Try making moon sand!

24. Alphabet Star Search from Pre-K Pages - Another bin that includes some alphabet stars, perfect for hyperlexic learners.

25. Space Themed Sensory Bin with Moon Sand from Pre-K Pages - Make your own moon sand out of play sand and corn starch, mix it up with a bit of color, and pair it with some space figures to create this lovely little sensory bin.

26. Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Sensory Bin from The Chaos and the Clutter - I like the combination of glitter gravel and decorative black rocks as the base for this sensory bin.

27. Outer Space Water Table Activity from Happy Toddler Playtime - You don't have to use a water table for this idea. You could recreate it in a plastic container inside instead. I like how colorful and inviting it looks!

28. Moon Rock Letters Sensory Bin from Happy Toddler Playtime - Here's another great activity that will appeal to hyperlexic learners. The moon rocks are essentially just letter magnets wrapped in aluminum foil.

29. 4 Space Themed Sensory Trays from Coffee Cups & Crayons - I like the variety shown here. All four options look fun and engaging.

As you can see, a lot of these space sensory bins are out of this world! (Sorry, I can't resist a good pun.) So, hopefully, you're little spacing loving kid will enjoy these ideas.

Outer space sensory bins for kids