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Free Reading Comprehension Games for Kids

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Looking for ways to improve your child's comprehension? Then try these awesome free reading comprehension games for kids. They're great for working on a variety of important reading skills.

If you have a hyperlexic child, then you know that comprehension is an area that you need to be keeping an eye on and working on continually. Sure you could keep asking generic comprehension questions. Or doing worksheets. But, let's be honest, that gets boring quickly.

Building these skills doesn't need to be boring. I promise. That's where these reading games come in. They making working on comprehension so much more interesting and fun. After all, I'm clearly a big fan of play based learning activities.

So let's dig into some of these awesome - and free! - reading comprehension games for kids. You're going to (hopefully!) love these interactive games and ideas. They're great for a wide variety of ages too.

Free games for reading comprehension skills practice

Awesome Reading Comprehension Games for Kids

1. Free Printable Reading Comprehension Dice Games - A set of four dice games that target a variety of skills such as inferences and WH questions. There is one to play before reading, one for fiction, one for nonfiction, and one for after reading. 

2. Free Reading Comprehension Cootie Catchers/Fortune Tellers from The Classroom Game Nook - I don't know about you, but I loved these things as a kid! There are 4 different fortune tellers in this pack. They all have prompts and questions to help kids review a book or even just a chapter of a book. This freebie will help kids review the setting, plot, characters, problem, and solution of whatever text they're working on.

3. Follow the Path Gross Motor Reading Comprehension Game from Dabblingmomma - I love this homemade gross motor board game activity idea! It does take a bit of prep to set up and make, but I think it's such a fun way to work on comprehension.

4. Free Nonfiction Comprehension Game from Miss DeCarbo on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game has both a group version and solo version. It's designed to help kids review a nonfiction book or text.

5. Reading Comprehension Beach Ball Game from Miss Thrify SLP - You'll need a beach ball and a permanent marker for this idea. Simply write some comprehension questions and prompts on the beach ball. Then toss it to your child and encourage them to answer whatever question or prompt they see in front of them when they catch the ball.

6. Free List of Questions for Jenga Reading Comprehension Game from Singing in 2nd on Teachers Pay Teachers - Turn the game of Jenga (or Tumbling Towers if you have a cheap dollar store knockoff) into a fun way to work on comprehension skills. Use this free printable list to guide you as you play.

7. Free 4th & 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Games Starter Pack from Jennifer Findley on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game pack includes game boards, spinners, puzzles, and color by reading activities. I love the variety in this pack!

8. Free Comprehension Tic Tac Toe Game from Danielle Vanek on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game is geared towards 4th grade, but she does offer ones for different grades as well. Use it to work on comprehension at the end of any novel.

9. Free Reading Bingo Game from Jennifer K. on Teachers Pay Teachers - Exactly what it sounds like. A bingo game to work on reading comprehension skills.

10. Free Printable Reading Comprehension Spinner from Welcome to Room 36 - A simple game spinner to check comprehension after reading. 

11. Free Jeopardy Game for Comprehension Strategies from Colleen McAndrew on Teachers Pay Teachers - You're likely familiar with the game of Jeopardy. Well, this game goes over specific reading comprehension strategies. It covers topics such as finding the main idea, problem and solution, logical order, summarizing, and finding the author's purpose.

12. Free Comprehension Games from Erika Gascho on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game comes with three different game boards and 36 questions. The questions cover a wide variety of comprehension strategies.

13. Free Digital End of the Year Activities Reading Comprehension & Inferencing Game from Cultivating Lifetime Learners on Teachers Pay Teachers - Here's a fun mystery game for kids. The goal is to figure out who stole the painting. Meanwhile, kids will be practicing their inferencing skills, which is an important part of comprehension. 

14. Free Reading Skills Dice Game from Adventures with Miss B on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game meant for kids in Kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 to play after reading a picture book. Simply roll the die to practice different comprehension strategies.

15. Free Reading Skills Dice Game for Older Kids from Adventures with Miss B on Teachers Pay Teachers - This game is similar to the one listed above, but is geared towards older kids. Specifically, it's for kids in grades 4 to 7.

If you have a hyperlexic child, then you know that comprehension is an area that you need to be keeping an eye on and working on continually

That's it! Which of these reading comprehension games will you try first?

Reading comprehension games for kids - includes lots of free printables to help you improve comprehension skills!