Earth Day Activities for Kids

Looking for Earth Day activities? Here are some kids activities for Earth Day, everything from playing with recyclables, upcycling projects, printables, Earth Day STEM activities, and more!

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, but did you know that it's been around since 1970?

I don't remember celebrating Earth Day at school growing up. Although it's possible we did and I forgot that we did! Regardless, I've found that it's an event/holiday that has become increasingly important and popular in the last decade or so. Or, at least, I'm hearing and seeing things about it more than I did over 10 years ago.

Anyway, Earth Day is just around the corner and you're obviously looking for Earth Day activity ideas for kids. I mean why else would you be here, right?

You'll find lots of different Earth Day activities below. Although many of these activities and projects can and should be enjoyed all year round.

Many of the ideas you'll see below focus on using recyclable materials and upcycling others. There are other activities below that are focused more on educating kids about what Earth Day is, the 3 Rs, protecting the planet, and whatnot. So lots of educational and fun ideas below to celebrate Earth Day with your kids.

Earth Day activities for kids, including printable Earth Day activities for kids

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Earth Day Activities & Recycled/Upcycled Projects

Below you will find a variety of projects, activities, and crafts that are inspired by Earth, use recyclable materials like cardboard or plastic cups, and/or involve upcycling, recycling, or reusing materials that would otherwise be headed for the trash can or recycling bin. 

While a lot of these ideas aren't necessarily Earth Day specific, they do make for fun Earth Day activities for kids either way.

Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids

Below you will find a variety of printables to learn about Earth Day, recycling, reducing, reusing, and so on. They are designed to educate kids about recycling, reducing, reusing, composting, protecting our planet, and more.

But I know what you're thinking...printables for Earth Day? Doesn't that seem opposite of what someone should do for Earth Day? 

Well, keep in mind that some of these activities could be done without printing. For instance, with the Earth Day I spy game you'll find below, you could complete the activity on a computer or iPad instead of with a paper and pen.

You might also print some of these kids Earth Day activities and reuse them year after year, especially if you're a homeschooler or a classroom teacher. Print, cut, laminate, and reuse.

Another option is to use some of the activity suggestions below as inspiration for another activity. For instance, you'll find a printable recycling sorting game below. Perhaps you could adapt the activity and sort real recyclables with your child instead.

Other options to reduce the amount of paper used for these Earth Day printables is to print two pages to one or print double-sided if possible.

Finally, you can always recycle and reuse the paper afterwards as well. Maybe you could even come up with other Earth Day activities to try using the recycled paper. For instance, you could try making homemade paper with it!

Hopefully you found some inspiration for some new, fun, and educational Earth Day activities above. Which one of these ideas will you try first?

Earth Day activities for kids, including printable Earth Day activities for kids