Slime Recipes for Kids

Looking for fun slime recipes for kids? Here's how to make slime for every occasion!

Slime is all the rage these days and even my kids want in on it.

Now, I personally don't enjoy making slime, but my kids just love it. So I make them slime when they request it, but I'm not happy about it haha No seriously. I end up with glue everywhere no matter how hard I try to contain it. It's just a messy experience for me!

Having said that, I recognize the sensory benefits of slime. Just another reason why I'll whip up a batch of slime for them when they request it.

So if your kids are begging for slime recipes, here's how to make slime for your kids for all occasions!

How to make slime

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Slime Recipes for Kids

Here are all the different slime recipes that we've created!

Slime recipes for kids



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