Anatomy & Human Body Activities for Kids

Some autistic and hyperlexic kids have an interest in human anatomy. Here are some fun human body activities for kids, including printable human anatomy activities and more!

One common interest many hyperlexic kids have is an interest in human anatomy. They'll quickly go from learning about basic body parts to learning about muscles and their names, the functions of different organs, parts of the nervous system, and so on. 

My hyperlexic son hasn't really shown much of an interest in anatomy outside of reading a few books on the topic. However, I know that many hyperlexic kids do gravitate towards this particular interest. Even when they're only like four or five years of age!

So if your hyperlexic child is currently into human anatomy and you're looking for ways to feed that interest, then you're in luck. Below you'll find a few different human body activities for kids, including some book recommendations and some awesome printable human body activities.

Fun anatomy & human body activities for kids

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Human Body Activities for Kids

Like I said, anatomy hasn't been a big interest for my son. However, we did do some activities together when my boys were little (and long before I heard of the term hyperlexia!). 

Here are a few fun human body preschool activities that you might enjoy, especially if your little one is younger.

Printable Human Anatomy Activities for Kids

Need something more in depth to feed your child's passion for human anatomy? Check out these incredible printables from my friend Liska. She does all the drawings and illustrations herself - she's so talented! I bet your kid is going to love the life-size models in particular!

Human Body Books for Kids

It's no secret that hyperlexic kids can read so one avenue to feed their interest is through books. Here are some books about the human body and anatomy that might interest your hyperlexic kid. Thank you to the parents who shared their hyperlexic kids' favorites so I could add them to this list!

Fun anatomy & human body activities for kids