Understanding Your Child's Autism, ADHD, or Hyperlexia Diagnosis

Looking for tips and resources to better understand your child's diagnosis? Then look no further than this list!

From acronyms like IEP and SPD to new terms you've never heard of like hyperlexia, the resources found here are all about helping you understand your child's diagnosis.

Because I believe when you better understand the diagnosis, you can better support your child and can truly embrace them for who they are, diagnostic label and all.

Below you'll find stories, book recommendations, helpful strategies, and positive inspiration to help you through every stage of the diagnostic journey.

Understanding autism diagnosis and what to do next, plus resources to help you tell your child they have autism

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Resources to Help You Better Understand Your Child's Diagnoses of Autism, ADHD, and/or Hyperlexia

Whether you are awaiting diagnosis or coming off of a fresh diagnosis, you might be wondering what next? Or what now?

Well, these resources will help you better understand your child's diagnosis, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Maybe you want to better understand autism in kids.

Or better understand ADHD in a child.

Or maybe you just want to figure out what the heck hyperlexia is!

These resources will also help you see the positives the diagnosis may bring. Because not all diagnoses are doom and gloom. A label is only negative if you make it out to be...

Understanding Common Autistic Behaviors & Traits

Baffled by autistic behaviors? Want to better understand the traits of autism? Well, these resources explain common autism challenges your child and your family might be experiencing and explain the why behind it.

Books You Should Read to Better Understand Your Child's Diagnosis

It's no secret I love to read. And I read a lot. I think it's hands down one of the best ways to learn about and understand your child's diagnosis. Here are some book lists that may interest you, featuring lots of fantastic books about autism, ADHD, hyperlexia, and anxiety.

Explaining Autism to Kids

In this section, you'll find lots of great tips, books, and printable resources to help explain autism to your autistic child, their peers, and/or their siblings.

Resources to Help Explain Other Diagnoses to Your Child

Many autistic kids have other diagnoses as well, such as ADHD, anxiety, hyperlexia, dyslexia, etc. These resources and book lists will help you tell your child about any other diagnoses they or their friends might have.

Resources to help parents understand their child's diagnosis (autism, ADHD, hyperlexia, or other) and to help parents tell their child they are autistic