Understanding the Diagnosis

Looking for tips and resources to better understand your child's diagnosis? Then look no further than this list!

From acronyms like IEP and SPD to new terms you've never heard of like hyperlexia, the resources found here are all about helping you understand the diagnosis. You'll find stories, helpful strategies, and positive inspiration to help you through the diagnostic journey.

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Resources to Help You Better Understand Your Child's Diagnosis

Whether you are awaiting diagnosis or coming off of a fresh diagnosis, these resources will help you better understand your child's diagnosis. And maybe even help you see the positives the diagnosis may bring.

Books You Should Read

One of the best ways to learn about your child's diagnosis and understand their diagnosis is to read books on the topics. Here are some book lists that may interest you.

Explaining Autism to Kids

Resources and tips to help you tell your child about their diagnosis.



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