Weather Activities for Kids

Looking for preschool weather activities? Then look no further than these weather activities for kids. You'll find hands-on activities, printables, and other useful resources.

My hyperlexic son has had an interest in weather for a long time. 

He starts most days off by checking the weather forecast and radars to get a sense of what to expect for the week. In fact, I never have to check the weather myself as I can just ask him what the forecast will be for the next few days. He always knows the forecast inside and out.

So it's likely unsurprising that he's had a weather station in his room for years. We're even upgrading his weather station for his birthday this year. It's one he's been eyeballing at Costco for some time. And we just managed to scoop one up awhile back while it was on sale.

Part of the reason he is so interested in weather is that he also has a lot of weather related anxiety. I know he's not alone here since there are a lot of kids who have anxiety about the weather as well. This weather anxiety can make it challenging to head outside some days, especially in the summer with the threat of thunderstorms. Each year gets easier and easier though. 

Learning about different types of weather and clouds has been a huge help for him in terms of managing his anxiety. We've watched videos about different types of weather and read plenty of books. But he also found my friend Liska's cloud guide and weather wheel particularly helpful (links to both are in the printable section below). 

So while we've done a lot of learning about weather over the years, not everything has made it onto the blog. However, you can still find a few weather activities for kids below, including those helpful tools my friend Liska gave us one summer.

Weather activities for kids - printables too!

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General Preschool Weather Activities

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Printable Weather Activities & Resources

Below you will find a variety of printable activities about weather and temperature. You'll also find resources that are helpful for knowing what to wear for certain weather.

Weather activities for kids - printables too!