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Fun Ways for Kids to Explore & Manage Emotions Using LEGO

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Most kids love LEGO. My oldest J claims he loves to play with LEGO, but if I'm going to be honest with you, I'm pretty sure he just enjoys chewing on LEGO more so than just building with it. But that's between you and me.

Regardless, both boys like to play with LEGO so we have been using it to explore and learn about emotions. However, you can also use LEGO to manage big emotions and help kids self-regulate. This list of fun ways for kids to explore, learn about, and manage their emotions using LEGO is perfect for any kid who loves LEGO.

Not all the ideas use actual LEGO bricks, but they are all inspired by LEGO and are tons of fun!

Fun ways for kids to explore and manage emotions using LEGO from And Next Comes L

This post contains affiliate links.

Fun Ways for Kids to Explore & Manage Emotions Using LEGO

1. Building Emotions LEGO Activity - Give the kids a fine motor workout as they build and explore emotions with this simple LEGO activity.

2. Free Printable LEGO Emotions Inference Game - Work on speech, empathy, emotions, and inference skills with this awesome free printable game for kids.

3. Free Printable LEGO "Today I Feel" Emotions Chart - Encourage your kids to talk about how they are feeling everyday with this adorable LEGO man emotions chart.

4. LEGO Drawing Emotions Activity for Kids with Free Printable from Little Bins for Little Hands - Get the kids exploring emotions by drawing them with this simple free LEGO heads printable.

5. LEGO Calm Down Jar from Lemon Lime Adventures - Help your kids calm overwhelming emotions with this simple and beautiful LEGO calm down jar.

6. 3D LEGO Emotion Drawing Activity for Kids - The kids will love drawing different emotions with this 3D LEGO emotion drawing idea.

7. Make a LEGO Emotions Station from Lalymom - Inspired by the movie "Inside Out," this emotions station idea is a great way to explore and talk about emotions with your kids.

8. Free Printable LEGO Emotions I Spy Game - Let the kids search and count different LEGO head emotions with this free printable.

9. Homemade LEGO Calming Stress Balls from Lemon Lime Adventures - When your kids are stressed or overwhelmed with emotions, or even if they need a fidget, try these homemade LEGO stress balls. Draw different emotions on them and use them to explore emotions with your kids.

Awesome LEGO Activity Books for Kids

For even more amazing LEGO ideas for kids, check out these fabulous books:

Other LEGO Inspired Ideas You'll Love

Fun ways for kids to explore and manage emotions using LEGO from And Next Comes L


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