Friday, July 10, 2020

The Best Social Skills Activities and Resources for Teens

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Looking for social skills activities for teens? Check out these free social skills worksheets, group activity ideas, and more below! Great for teens with autism.

If you're looking for resources for supporting autistic teens and tweens with their social skills, then you're in the right spot!

Below you'll find tons of great ideas for social skills activities for teens, including social skills group activities and free printable worksheets and resources.

Social skills for teens - group activity ideas, printables, worksheets, and more!

Social Skills for Teens: Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things to remember when it comes to teaching social skills to teens:

  • Social skills activities should be tailored to the individual 
  • These skills are ones that you work on over a long period of time, even years, and many - if not most - you'll continually work on even as an adult so don't expect mastery after one or two rounds of practice
  • There are tons of different social skills to teach and the ideas below are by no means exhaustive
  • Skills that our teens need to learn these days are a lot more diverse and complex than when we were teens due to things such as technology and social media so it might be a bit harder to truly understand what they're going through during the teen years (i.e., expect to learn as you go too!)

Social Skills Activities for Teens

In this section, you'll find more general ideas for social skills training. These social skills activities for teens include group activity ideas, general strategies for teaching social skills, and free printable lists of social skills. Basically, the ideas to get you thinking about what to teach and how to teach it.

1. 50 Social Skills to Teach Kids, Teens, & Adults {Free Printable List}

2. Effective Strategies for How to Teach Social Skills to Kids & Teens

2. Checklist of 50 Social Skills for Teens from Autism Grown Up

3. General Social Skills Strategies for Autistic Teens from Raising Children

4. 4 Social Emotional Skills You Can Easily Practice with Teens from Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

5. 10 Fun Social Skills Activities for Teens from Mom Junction

6. 5 Great Social Skills Group Activities for Teens from Education and Behavior

Free Social Skills Worksheets & Printables for Teens

Now that you have a good idea of what social skills to teach your autistic teens and some general strategies for how to do so, let's take a look at some free social skills worksheets for teens, as well as other useful printables, that target more specific skills.

These printable resources target skills such as greeting others, apologizing, perspective taking, text messaging with friends, dating, and idioms.

All of the resources below are free to download. Some require you to have a Teachers Pay Teachers account though (which is also free).

1. How to Apologize Social Scripts

2. Praising Others Hidden Rules Worksheet

3. Asking for Help Social Scripts

4. Greeting People Social Scripts

5. Grocery Shopping Hidden Rules Worksheet

6. Text Message Social Skills for Teens from Nicolette Contella

7. Social Inference Worksheets for Older Students & Teens from Miss D's Autism Homeroom

8. Social Inferences: Idioms & Perspectives from Looks Like Language

9. Perspective Taking Scenario Task Cards for Middle & High School from Misty's Speech World

10. Dating Social Situation Cards for Autistic Teens from Learning for a Purpose

11. Perspective Taking for Teens from Miss D's Autism Homeroom

12. The Path to Success Lesson Plans & Social Emotional Learning Activities for Teens from Spanish Joe's Resources for You

13. Mind Reader Social Skills Game for Teens from Molly Sillich

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