Resources for Supporting Autistic Teens & Tweens

Resources and tips for supporting autistic teens and tweens throughout middle school and into high school. You'll also find autism and puberty related content.

My blog has been growing alongside my children and, well, we're quickly approaching the teen years and navigating autism in the middle school years.

So it's time I start adding some relevant content regarding autism in teens, no?

Because after all, autistic kids eventually become autistic adults.

While there might not be much here yet, there will be. I'm really hoping to write and compile a great collection of resources for autism teenagers, preteens, and middle school students. It will take some time though.

In the meantime, enjoy the small number of resources for autistic teens and tweens below.

Resources, tips, and info for supporting autistic teens and tweens in middle school and into high school

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Resources for Supporting Autistic Teens

A closer look at autism in teens and how to best support tweens and teens in middle school and high school.

Autism &  Puberty

The resources below are all about autism and puberty.

Other Useful Resources for Autistic Teens & Tweens

Need more help supporting your autistic teenagers and preteens? Try one of these resources!

How to support autistic teenagers and preteens/tweens - tips and resources to help understand autism in middle school, autism and puberty, and more


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