Neurodiversity & Autism Book Lists for Parents & Kids

Book lists for parents and kids about autism, hyperlexia, hypernumeracy, sensory processing, anxiety, and neurodiversity.

I love to read and, from time to time, I share some of my favorite books here on the blog. Here are just a few of the book lists that I have written over the years that focus on autism, hyperlexia, neurodiversity, and parenting.

You'll also find picture book lists for kids to better understand their diagnoses and neurodiversity.

Book lists about autism, hyperlexia, anxiety, and neurodiversity

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Neurodiversity & Parenting Book Lists

Books for parents and teachers to get a better understanding of autism, hyperlexia, other neurodiversities, and/or parenting in general.

Picture Books & Chapter Books for Kids

Book lists geared towards kids, from picture books to chapter books. You'll find book lists that help explain various diagnoses to your child and help them feel represented in literature. There are also book lists below that will appeal specifically to the unique interests of neurodiverse children.

Tons of great neurodiversity and autism books for parents and kids! You'll love these book lists.