Video Game Activities for Kids

If your kid is passionate about all things video game related, then these ideas are for you! You'll find lots of different video game activities for kids, including some video game printables. You'll even find some birthday cake inspiration!

Video games have been a big passion and area of interest for both of my boys. 

My oldest spent hours learning about Mario game history a number of years ago. 

And my youngest, well, he has been obsessed with video game consoles and their history for as long as I can remember. He's even spent a good chunk of the pandemic making cardboard consoles. They're incredibly detailed and many have functioning parts like flaps that open, buttons you can press, etc. They're really cool.

When they were smaller, we used to do lots of video game activities for kids and I made a few video game printables as well. So that's what you'll find below.

Awesome video game activities for kids

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Video Game Activities for Kids

My kids love all sorts of different video games and consoles from Kirby and Zelda to Sonic and Mario to BoxBoy! and Metroid. However, both Pokemon and Mario have been the two big favorites at our house for years. So, unsurprisingly, a lot of the activities that you'll find below are inspired by these particular franchises. 

Here are just a few of the video game inspired ideas that have been shared on the blog over the years.

Video Game Printables for Kids

Below you will find some general video game controller inspired printable activities for kids that cover topics like anxiety, coping skills, writing, and more. Please note that you can find more video game printables for kids on the Mario activities page and the Pokemon activities page.

Fun Books on Video Games the Kids Will Love!

My boys can't stop reading about video games, especially my youngest. He loves reading magna books featuring his favorite video game characters, as well as books about video game history or that show different consoles.

Video Game Inspired Birthday Cakes

I have a huge passion for making fun birthday cakes for my kids. So every September, I whip up two masterpieces inspired by whatever my kids' latest interests are. 

I'm a few years behind on sharing their cakes, but I've made everything from Kirby and a question mark block from Mario to Pokemon characters and different video game consoles. Here are some of the ones I have made and shared here on the blog.

Awesome video game activities for kids