Awesome LEGO Activities & Printables for Kids

Fun LEGO activities for kids that are perfect for any LEGO-loving kiddo!

LEGO is a staple in most homes. It's fun to play with at any age too.

It's just the most dangerous toy to step on...

Anyway, if you've got yourself a little LEGO lover, then these LEGO activities for kids are perfect for them.

Whether you are looking for LEGO activities for the classroom, LEGO STEM activities, or even LEGO activities for preschoolers, then you'll definitely find lots of fun ideas below.

So go ahead and grab some bricks because these ideas are simple, yet fun! They encourage kids of all ages - from toddlers, kindergarten, and elementary students - to explore math, music, sensory play, emotions, and so much more.

Plus, there's some totally awesome LEGO printables included too!

LEGO stem activities, LEGO face printables, and more for kids of all ages

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LEGO Activities & Projects

Ah LEGO...let's do everything, but build with it - ha! No seriously, my kids don't really enjoy building with LEGO, but they have certainly enjoyed these LEGO activities. Some grab some LEGO or some DUPLO and give these ideas a try!

LEGO Activities & Printables that Teach Emotions

Use LEGO to teach emotions? Yes, really! Here are some fun ideas to take that LEGO play to a whole new level. An emotional level obviously...(I'm hilarious, I know)

LEGO Math Activities

Get inspired to teach your kids math using LEGO bricks! From integers to Roman numerals, there's lots of fun learning to be had!

LEGO Printables for Kids

I know you already saw a bunch of free LEGO printables further up, but here are a few more awesome printables for little LEGO lovers! Please note that not all of these are free.

LEGO activities for kids to do at home or in the school classroom - ideas for preschool, toddlers, kindergarten, and elementary students. Plus, some awesome free LEGO printables!

Free LEGO printables for kids