Back to School Resources for Parents

Are you preparing your hyperlexic or autistic child for school? Then check out these back to school resources for parents. You'll find tips, social stories, visual supports, and more!

The transition to school can be difficult for many kids, not just for hyperlexic or autistic kids. For instance, school anxiety and sensory triggers might be at play.

And then there's issues regarding transitions like changes in routines, a new classroom, a new teacher, a new school...

Then toss in a fire drill here and a field trip there and you can quickly see how overwhelming the back to school season can be.

Thankfully, you will find lots of great strategies, tips, and printable resources below that will hopefully help with the transition. From social stories and visual schedules to informational posts and strategies, this collection of back to school resources for parents is sure to be useful.

Back to school resources for parents of hyperlexic or autistic children, including tips, social stories, visual supports, & more!

Preparing the Hyperlexic Child for School

Is your hyperlexic child starting preschool or kindergarten? Are you wondering how to best prepare them for the transition to the classroom? Are you curious how to introduce hyperlexia to your child's teacher? Well, that's what these hyperlexia specific resources are for.

There are other tools, such as social stories and visual aids, that can help prepare your hyperlexic child for school, but we'll look at those in the next couple of sections on this page.

Social Stories & Scripts for School Routines

Whether your child is preparing for their first year of school or returning back to school, social stories can be a great tool for supporting them with the transition to the classroom and get adjusted to different school routines.

Below you will find a variety of school related social stories. Topics including navigating the playground, school closures, drills, library time, bullying, study skills, homework, and more!

Visual Supports for School Routines

Remember that hyperlexic learners do best when things are written down, are visual, and/or are broken down into smaller tasks! That's why using visual supports can be a great way to support these kids (or any child for that matter!).

So if you're looking to establish a school routine or help with other related school skills, then these resources might be just what you need.

Resources Related to Advocacy, IEPs, Back to School Anxiety, & More!

Not only is the return back to school stressful for many kids, it's also stressful for many parents. Simply put, the return to school means IEP meetings, advocating for your child's needs, and school anxiety (among many other things).

In this section, you'll find tips to help you advocate for your child, as well as useful IEP resources, back to school tips, things you should know about classroom sensory triggers, and information about autistic masking at school.

Back to School Activities for Kids

Looking for back to school activities for kids? Well, these ideas are perfect for those first few weeks back at school, whether your child is homeschooled, goes to a traditional school, or some other variation.

Back to School Resources for Distance Learning & Online Learning

Does your child attend an online school or still participate in distance learning? Then these resources might be helpful. Sure, they might have been written during the pandemic, but there's still lots of great information, strategies, and tips in these posts that might be helpful to you and your child.

That's it for our back to school resources for parents of autistic and hyperlexic children. Hopefully, you were able to find some useful strategies and printables.

Back to school resources for parents of hyperlexic or autistic children, including tips, social stories, visual supports, & more!