Back to School Tips & Resources for Autism Families

Back to school tips and resources for autism families

The transition back to school can be difficult for many autistic kids. School anxiety might be at play. And then there's issues regarding transitions like changes in routines, a new classroom, a new teacher...

Then toss in a fire drill here and a field trip there and you can see how overwhelming the back to school season can be.

It's my hope that the back to school autism resources found here will help you and your child rock the upcoming school year. From the preparation stage to the advocacy and IEP stage, you'll find social stories, tips, and printables to help you tackle every stage of your child's school journey.

Back to school tips for autism families

Back to School Tips & Resources Related to Advocacy & IEPs

Tips to help you advocate like a boss. Plus a couple of handy printable handouts to make sure your child's needs are being met in the classroom.

Back to School Social Stories

Social stories to help your child handle whatever comes their way.

Visual Schedules for School Days

These visual aids are great for making sure your kids stay on track before and after school.

Back to School for Hyperlexic Kids

Back to school resources specifically tailored to the child with hyperlexia.

Back to School Activities

Activities perfect for those first couple of weeks of back to school.

Back to school tips for autism families



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