Gross Motor Activities

Lots of gross motor activities for kids and fun games for working on gross motor skills with toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond!

Kids have a lot of energy and some days it seems impossible to burn off all that energy of theirs before bedtime. Thankfully, I'm going to give you some ideas to keep kids moving, both indoors and outdoors below.

You'll find tons of gross motor activities, heavy work activities, DIY projects, printables, and so much more!

Gross motor games for preschool

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Gross Motor Activities & Gross Motor Games

Whether you need to keep the toddlers busy at home or help the preschoolers burn off some excess energy at school, you'll find lots of fun ways to encourage kids to move below.

DIY Projects that Encourage Gross Motor Skills Development

Cool things you can make to encourage your kids to get active!

Seasonal Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

From Valentine's Day to Olympics themed, these gross motor activities encourage your kids to burn off excess energy, among many other things, using a fun seasonal twist.

Gross Motor Heavy Work Activities

Tons of different heavy work ideas for a variety of environments: home, school, and outdoors! Plus, lots of free printables within these posts.

Brain Break Cards that Build Gross Motor Skills

Get the kids moving with these themed printable movement cards.

Gross motor activities for kids (even toddlers and preschoolers!)