Quiet Books

What is a quiet book? How do I make a quiet book? Where can I find some quiet book patterns? 

Just like you, when I first started making quiet book pages, I was overwhelmed and didn't really know where to start. So if you are looking to make your own quiet book for the kids, but don't know where to start, then this page is for you. Or perhaps you are just looking for tips on how to make a felt quiet book. Well, whether you want to go the no sew route or you want to sew the entire book, you're sure to find lots of different quiet book ideas and a how to guide here. Over 30 ideas here include a printable pattern. 

What is a quiet book? All about how to make a quiet book for kids, including inspiration pages, printable quiet book patterns and templates, and tips for making your own from And Next Comes L

Quiet Book Ideas

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Planning out a quiet book doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming! Use the free quiet book planning guide to make things easier!

Other Ideas You'll Love

Quiet books - inspiration pages, a how to quiet book guide, and some free printable templates from And Next Comes L



  1. Those are just amazing. I wish I had half that skill!

    1. Well, I am not the greatest at sewing, but I can get the job done! And I have a lot of fun making these pages.

    2. Yeah well, I can get the job done but you can really get the job done! I also love your site design.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ann! I am really proud of them.