Speech & Language Resources

Speech and language resources for autism and/or hyperlexia, with a focus on free printable speech therapy games and activities for kids.

For many autistic and hyperlexic kids like my son, there are difficulties in speech and language. Mainly, in the form of maintaining conversations, mixing up pronouns, comprehension, and expressing oneself. The resources found below will help your child improve on those areas.

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Speech Resources

Lots of practical tips and resources to help your child develop speech and language skills.

Free Speech Printables & Games

Loads of free printable speech and language resources for the kids.

Speech Barrier Games

Barrier games are a versatile tool for working on a wide variety of speech and language concepts. This huge collection of printable barrier games is one-of-a-kind!

Speech Apps for Kids

Sorted by category, these are some of our favorite speech apps for reinforcing different language concepts.

Favorite Speech Books

Some of our favorite speech resources for autistic/hyperlexic kids.


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