Sensory Processing Resources & Tips for Parents

Looking for information and resources about sensory processing disorder? Then you'll love these sensory processing disorder parenting tips and sensory diet activities.

We all have our own unique set of sensory preferences, but for kids with sensory processing disorder, they just might crave certain kinds of sensory input more than others or avoid certain stimuli altogether.

From explaining sensory processing and sensory needs to finding some sensory diet activities to keep those sensory seeking (or avoiding!) kids busy, you'll definitely find some great parenting tips, tricks, and ideas below.

How to help your child with sensory processing disorder

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Sensory Processing Information & Resources

These resources are meant to help you learn more about sensory processing and how it affects your child. Many of these posts also contain free printable cheat sheets!

Resources to Help Support Your Child's Sensory Needs

Get specific tips and ideas to address some common sensory issues, from chewing and sensory overload to meltdowns and clothing sensitivities.

Sensory Processing Related Social Stories for Kids

These resources are designed specifically for your child. That way you can explain certain aspects of sensory processing to them and help them better understand their own sensory needs. Each of these social stories uses full color photos and explains sensory processing and different strategies directly.

Sensory Diet Activities

The best way to support your child's sensory needs is to provide a sensory diet. These activities are designed to help you implement a sensory diet at home (or even at school!).

Sensory Bins & Sensory Play Tips

Tips for getting started with sensory play, as well as lots of sensory bin inspiration! There are tons of different sensory activities on this blog. After all, I started this blog off by writing about sensory play ideas.

Sensory Rooms for Kids

Everything you need to know about sensory rooms and setting one up at home for your child. You'll learn what a sensory room is, what the benefits are, get ideas and inspiration, and even learn how to make a sensory room on a budget.

DIY Sensory Hacks

Therapy is expensive and so are the tools your child needs to meet their sensory needs! Check out these brilliant DIY sensory hacks to help you save a bit of money.

Sensory Diet Tools, Tips, & Resources

Looking for specific types of sensory tools? These resources will help ensure your child's sensory needs are being met by showing you different types of sensory tools. These tools can be used at home, at school, or on the go.

Sensory Activities by Type of Sensory Input

Does your child crave a certain type of sensory input? Then try browsing through our large collection of activities by sensory system (exception: interoception as I don't have much for this category yet).

Parenting a child with sensory processing disorder - tips and resources to help