Social Skills Activities, Worksheets, & Resources

Looking for free social skills activities and social skills worksheets? Well, then you'll love this collection of social skills resources for teachers and parents. You'll also find lots of tips for how to teach social skills!

There are lots of different social skills to work on with our children that it can really be overwhelming at times. However, there are lots of ways to reinforce social skills concepts through play and/or with printable resources, as you'll see below.

The resources below go beyond just using a social story though.

Yep, you'll find activities that let your child practice what they're learning and help them discover the hidden rules that make certain social situations tricky to navigate.

You'll also help them learn about their emotions, how to handle them, and how to self-regulate their bodies.

Resources for teaching social skills autism

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Tips & Resources for How to Teach Social Skills

Wondering how to teach your child social skills? You'll find these resources helpful!

Using Social Stories & Scripts for Teaching Social Skills

Wondering how to use social stories to teach social skills? Or where to even find some good quality social stories? These resources will help you. I highly recommend checking out the social stories library first as it's got tons of beautiful social stories that are ready to go!

Social Skills Activities

Emotions, friendships, listening skills, sharing...there's a lot of social skills to teach! So whether you are looking for social skills activities to do at home with your child or you are looking for activities for social skills groups, you'll find lots of fun ideas to try below.

Social Skills Worksheets & Printables

Social scenarios are full of hidden rules. These social skills worksheets and printables will help your kids determine what to expect during social situations, practice certain skills, and so much more!

Books for Teaching Social Skills

Some helpful books for teaching social skills to autistic kids.

Social skills activities for kids - including printables, games, and other free resources for teaching social skills